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Petit Bain – Delight

Client: Petit Bain| Year: 2023 | identity, poster, social medias

Global visual identity designed for the first edition of Festival Delight in Petit Bain, Paris. The concept of Delight was to merge Petit Bain’s two passions: music and gastronomy. This hybrid venue, which combines a concert hall and a restaurant programmed a series of daring and radical live performances and invited Hello Ernest for the cuisine. The visual identity revolves around an ever-changing gradient background, which sets the mood and tone of each evenings, and a crystal tableware-like typographic compisiton.

View from the window at Le Gras, France (1825)
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Petit Bain – 10 Piges

Client: Petit Bain| Year: 2021-2022 | identity, poster, social medias

Global visual identity designed for the 10th anniversary of the concert venue Petit Bain in Paris. The identity is built around a key visual from which the 10 concert events – taking place all year round – are declined.

des Grafikers
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Nathalie Olivier – Avocat

Client: Nathalie Olivier| Year: 2022| visual identity, website, signage

Visual identity and website design for a lawyer in Chambéry, France.

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DOD Objets

Client: DOD Objets| Year: 2018-2021 | identity, typeface, catalogue, social medias

DOD is a french design company focused on eco-conceived, recycled wooden objects. Their very first issued product – a ground-breaking, modular, dodecahedron-shaped light – informed the original shape from which we derived the logotype ans all letters of their own custom font. Both monumental and playful, the DOD typeface brings a unique voice to DOD’s identity, encapsulating their spirit and values.

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La Commune – Posters

Client: La Commune| Years: 2015-2022 | posters | In collaboration with studio deValence

Posters for La Commune, national art center for theatre in Aubervilliers. Since 2014, studio deValence has been in charge of the theatre’s visual communication. I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with them on several posters over the years.

MAD Paris – Un Printemps Incertain

Client: MAD Paris| Year: 2021 | leaflet, minisite, pass, poster & communication | In collaboration with Sandrine Nugue

In 2021, Sandrine Nugue worked on the visual identity and signage system of Un Printemps Incertain, an exhibition offering a sensitive glimpse into the intimacy that marked the confined spring and autumn of 2020. She invited me to collaborate on the communication aspect of the exhibition, handling all the assets for social networks, some posters and window stickers, admission pass and exhibition leaflet. I also designed and developed a minisite devoted to showcase the exhibited artworks online.

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Petit Bain – State Of Shock

Client: Petit Bain| Year: 2018-2022 | identity, poster, social medias

Global identity for the “State Of Shock” events at Petit Bain, a concert venue in Paris.

Raphaël Zarka – Riding Modern Art

Client: Éditions B42| Year: 2017 | book design | In collaboration with studio deValence

Riding Modern Art brings together a collection of 70 black and white photographs of people skateboarding on sculptures in public spaces. Through his study of the process of appropriation and reuse of works of art in public places, used by skateboarders as further challenges for their sport, Raphaël Zarka offers a way of approaching a work of art that underlines the dynamism of modern sculpture, casting a critical light on the idea of movement in these often abstract and geometric works, inspired by Cubist, Futurist or Constructivist art. The skateboarder’s approach to a sculpture, more mechanical than conceptual, brings out the variety of movement it seeks to suggest. While it is not possible to “freeze” or represent movement in a solid form (it cannot be sculpted) it is, nevertheless, a constituent element of the work, as also is space. Thus, the body of the skateboarder becomes a choreographic form on a sculptural form, and the presence of a human body on a work of art transforms it from something perched on a pedestal into a living sculpture. Some images are missing from this collection, as sculptors have refused to see their artwork reproduced. The spaces dedicated to those photographs remain purposely empty.

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Joan Ayrton – slow melody time old

Client: Joan Ayrton| Year: 2017 | book design

This small photo book is a piece by British artist Joan Ayrton wandering around the sculptures and marble bases of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. A journey into time, stones and violin-shaped figures…

Co-edited by Théophile’s Papers & Florence Loewy. Distributed by les presses du réel.


Client: Élix’Cimes| Year: 2017-2022 | logotype, identity, poster, labels, website

Élix’Cimes is a young French liquor producer from Savoie (France). Nestled in the heart of the Alps, François Buttin is dedicating his time to wander the mountains in search for the precious plants to be conscientiously hand-picked. His rare know-how is then dedicated to a responsible artisanal production method to sublimate the plants of his region and turn them into the most delicious nectars.

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Collection Esthétique des données

Client: Éditions B42| Year: 2017-2022 | identity, books | In collaboration with studio deValence

Creation of the “Esthétique des données” collection’s graphic principles (directed by Nicolas Thély and published with the help of the Rennes 2 University) for the parisian publishing house B42. Realisation of the collection’s first five books.

Cité Royale de Loches – Le Chevalier dans tous ses états

Client: Cité Royale de Loches | Year: 2016 | identity, programs, posters & signage | In collaboration with Célestin Krier

For an exhibition about knights at the Cité Royale of Loches (France), illustrator Célestin Krier and I joined forces to design the identity, signage and overall communication. Based on a simple but striking heraldic palette, the identity takes advantage of a strong typographic treatment (Infini, by Sandrine Nugue) paired with Krier’s iconic style of illustrations. Bold and playful!
Exhibition design by Francisca Würz and Florent Blanchard.

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Synagogue de Delme – Invitations

Client: Synagogue de Delme| Years: 2015-2018 | invitations, posters | In collaboration with studio deValence

For several years, studio deValence has been in charge of the Synagogue de Delme’s communication. Under their art direction, I designed a few invitation cards which came as folded A4 sheets: a completely free visual proposition for each exhibition on the front and a fixed layout with all the informations on the back.

Vasken Yéghiayan

Client: Vasken Yéghiayan| Year: 2015 | web design

In 2015, set-designer Vasken Yéghiayan approached me to work on his personal website to showcase his practice. Since then, we’ve been closely working together to keep it up to date with his latest projects.

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École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon

Client: Ensba Lyon| Year: 2013–2015| visual identity | In collaboration with Radim Peško and Fabrice Mabime

The redesign of the visual identity of Lyon’s national fine arts school rests on two axes of exploration: time/color and space/typography. These two axes are guided by a concept of ductibility resulting in a series of subtle variations, the basic principle of this identity. The color red and its infinite variations are the backbone of the identity, evolving with time, printing or display techniques and the seasons. The Ensba and Ensba Mono fonts, which were designed specifically for the school’s identity, emphasize the architectural dimension of the page and are an immediate signature, even when used in the simplest and most direct way.

Prix de Paris / Prix Jean Chevalier

Client: ENSBA Lyon| Year: 2014| invitation cards

Invitation cards for two Art prices taking place at the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Lyon in 2014. There were four different visuals for each event playing with the idea of variation, tools and textures. The identity’s red color was different on every single card as we changed the color and its intensity during the printing process.

Synagogue de Delme – Stones, Air, Axioms

Client: Synagogue de Delme| Year: 2018 | vinyl sleeve | In collaboration with studio deValence

“Stones, Air, Axioms” is a research project by artists Jean-Luc Guionnet and Thomas Tilly, which addresses the complex relationship between sound and architecture. The art center La Synagogue de Delme was the third occurrence of this project, after Poitiers and Krakow. This edition follows the exhibition in Delme of Jean-Luc Guionnet and Thomas Tilly in 2015.
2× white vinyl LPs – 300 copies edited by Fragment Factory (Hamburg) and Synagogue de Delme.

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La Perruque – nº1

Client: Surfaces Utiles / La Perruque| Year: 2015 | specimen design

La Perruque publishes and distributes type specimens. Printed on the margins of offset prints, each issue of La Perruque presents a unique typeface. Altogether, the issues weave a thread between type designers and graphic designers’ contributions. Invited by Olivier Bertrand (Surfaces Utiles), I had the honour to kick it off by quoting the beginnings of Philip K. Dick’s short-novel “Pay for the printer” (the former name of La Perruque). Especially drawn for La Perruque, my Grotex Micro font is put to the test, from 4 to 30pt type-size. The text develops itself as the story unfolds, along strange marks and glitches extracted from pages scanned by Google Books.

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Mamie Marie

Client: Mamie Marie | Year: 2016 | identity, website, communication

Mamie Marie is a small grocery store located in Lyon (France) dedicated to organic and seasonal food as well as natural household and daily care products.

Alex Chavot is a Paris based freelance graphic & type designer, graduated from the master degree in graphic design at the National Superior School of Fine Arts of Lyon (France). His practice is focused on type design, printed matter (books, catalogues, magazines, visual identities, posters, signage…) and web (websites, social medias…), either for commercial or self-initiated projects. His work has a distinctive conceptual approach to design resulting in clear, minimalistic, systematic and contemporary solutions. Since 2014, he is also a regular collaborator of the french graphic design studio deValence.

In 2020, he decides to start Apex Type Foundry, a simple and straightforward platform dedicated to his type design work.

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